It’s been nearly a month since Indian Matchmaking premiered on Netflix, but the show continues to be talking point for various reasons. Is it regressive in showcasing colourism and casteism that is prevalent in Indian society? Or does it reflect an ugly truth about ourselves? In an email interview with WKND, the show’s now-famous matchmaker Sima Taparia talks about its popularity and what the negative reactions to the show tell us about ourselves. What led you to become a professional matchmaker? As a child, I have always been social and engaged in conversations with many people. During family or social get-togethers, I had this unique ability to recognise faces and names with ease. This helped me get more information about other individuals. When my family saw this in me, they thought that I would be someone to help in our societies and people. What started as a hobby is now a full-time profession.

Matchmaking in Destiny, is it ever going to happend?

I’ve been on the fence about buying Destiny for the last few days. On the one hand, I like really polished shooters. On the other, I don’t like empty worlds with underdeveloped RPG elements that just devolve to grinding. But does Destiny really not have any coop matchmaking systems?

I’m close to giving up on this game at this point 4 years ago. Giant Bomb · Forums · Destiny. Browse Boards.

A Destiny 2 Fireteam isn’t exactly the easiest thing to put together, especially if you don’t have anyone on your friends list who happens to be playing the game. In this Destiny 2 Fireteam Finder guide , we’ll be walking you through how to put together your very own squad, no matter which platform you’re playing on. You’ll need your own Fireteam to take down many of the endgame activities in Destiny 2, and you’ll need to get together with three additional players for the Trials of the Nine mode in the Crucible, or five other players to form a Fireteam of six for the Leviathan Raid.

To assemble a Fireteam through online methods, you’ll need to head over to the Fireteam Finder section of the official Bungie website, where you’ll find people posting on the forums in an attempt to recruit players into their Fireteam. This may be for a specific activity, such as the Nightfall Strike, or it could simply be for undertaking any endgame activity in Destiny 2.

Down the left hand side of the screen, you’ll see the PS4 and Xbox One options, and you should select the one that applies to you. Just below this, you’ll then see a list of options including ‘Up For Anything’, ‘Raid’, ‘Nightfall’, and more. Within these sections, you’ll find players recruiting for a Fireteam to take on these specific activities, and once you select an option, you’ll be taken to this area of the Fireteam Finder.

Once you’re in the desired section of the forums, you’ll find yourself faced with a long list of players recruiting for their Fireteam, using titles like ‘Flawless Trials Run’, or ‘Raid Run Mic Required’.

Destiny’s raid matchmaking is working exactly as intended

Can someone explain i do this? I’m runnin both xboxs in the same location both on the R1 other fireteam are spread all over but whitelisted. My firmware is up to date as well.

It’s really up to destiny. Given that none of the relationships in the show actually worked out, did you think it would reflect on your work as a.

Anyone else having issues getting matched up with other players? I’ve been trying to get the strikes done for The Taken King but I always end up getting dumped into the strike by myself. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing any issues with the matchmaking? Gonna be trying to do some strikes tomorrow, if any dudes are up for it. Could be people abandoning or something. I feel like that happens sometimes. Some strikes people just don’t want to do.

Fix your Matchmaking … please

The big Destiny 2 news this week was the launch of Season of Arrivals and the reveal of the next expansion, Beyond Light. And the insta-kill grenade launcher , I suppose. But big things are happening in the Crucible, too. Bungie announced today that it’s removed skill-based matchmaking from all of the game’s PvP playlists except Elimination, Survival, and Survival: Freelance. Bungie said the change was made in response to community feedback, and should shorten queue times, improve connection quality in matches, and will also “play into the strengths of Crucible being a bombastic, frenetic action game,” where the priority is having fun rather than winning at all costs.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone cheating is once again in the spotlight after a fresh banwave issued by Infinity Ward. While the developer has yet to comment on banning players this week, it’s clear the banhammer has come down once again, with forums, social media and subreddits packed with complaints from players affected after a small MB update to the game. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and in particular Warzone has had a cheating problem ever since launch, with some console players disabling crossplay in a bid to avoid PC hackers.

This was seen as a crucial step in the fight against Warzone cheaters, many of whom would simply create a new account, download the free-to-play Warzone and jump straight back into the action after a ban. This move came alongside a raft of new security measures from Infinity Ward, including giving those who report suspected cheaters confirmation in-game when a player is banned, and updated matchmaking to match suspected cheaters together.

It was felt this anti-cheat effort made an impact in the free-to-download battle royale , but this month has seen reports of cheating ramp up once again. Showing how brazen some cheaters have become, this clip shows one Twitch streamer, called next, openly cheat in Warzone. At the time of this article’s publication, next was playing Warzone live while cheating.

There were more than a few choice words in the chat. Activision declined to comment when contacted by Eurogamer, but whatever Infinity Ward has done recently to take on cheaters, it seems some players were caught in the crossfire. Activision’s support forum is packed with threads from players who say they were banned unfairly, and Call of Duty subreddits have seen threads from players saying much the same.

One affected PC player got in touch with Eurogamer after they were “permabanned” from Modern Warfare. The player, called Paul, said: “I don’t cheat. I only talk to one friend.

How come there is no matchmaking system on Weekly Nightfall Strikes?

Gamereactor uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best browsing experience on our website. If you continue, we’ll assume that you are happy with our cookies policy. A post on Bungie’s forums by user Cozmo from Bungie has revealed that matchmaking changes been applied to Destiny as of yesterday, and it appears that skill matching is not as high a priority as it used to be.

Here is a quote straight from the team with some details about what is being changed,” the post started. Our specific goal is to reduce the number of matches that begin before they fill up with players.

I know this was an issue for a while when Destiny was first starting out I was not sure of any player based resources we can use to help with.

Maybe it’s just Izanami forge, because I don’t remember having this problem before this week, but I am constantly getting dropped into Forge games by myself, with no other players added until time has already run out because I can’t manage three islands of adds by myself. It’s been so consistent, that I can pretty much count on this happening for my first attempt to clear the forge. Usually, though, if I let the game throw me into the next match, I actually get a full team and all is well.

My first game, I drop in, turn around aaand Holy Crap!!! I have teammates!!! High five! You can skip the first 14 seconds of all three of these. Oh, you just forgot to leave matchmaking before another round started?

Strike matchmaking issues – anyone else?

Weapons found during the raid generally have special abilities that make the raid itself easier on repeat attempts or hard mode. The raid is set up for six players, but it can be completed by three. Two can do all but the Gorgon section. One alone can solo the bosses, with luck, skill and maybe a bit of cheese.

One of the cornerstones of this play schedule for characters of level 26 and above is a weekly attempt at the raid — maybe two for those advanced enough to tackle hard mode.

Adopting the approach of its shoot-and-loot rival Destiny, The Division’s some players and lit up the game’s social media channels and forums.

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In order to be more efficient in your search, in what forum do you want to search? Log in. Advanced Search. Thread: Matchmaking has been horrible lately, will Destiny 2 be the death of The Division? Matchmaking has been horrible lately, will Destiny 2 be the death of The Division? Matchmaking has been horrible lately, it takes forever and when you finally get a grop, nine out of ten times it’s lov level players that can’t even finish legendary missions or even the easiest of incursions.

They simply don’t understand the basics of the game, and i’m getting super tired of carrying people. I no longer have the luxury of decent group, because all my friends have quit this game a long time ago.

Destiny 2 drops skill-based matchmaking from most PvP modes

Hello everyone, I follow the borderlands 3 forums regularly but have yet to see any conversations about matchmaking. Is a discord going to be available for borderlands 3 or specific websites that allow you to find players during specific activities such as raids, loot grinding bosses, campaign play through, etc. I know this was an issue for a while when Destiny was first starting out…I was not sure of any player based resources we can use to help with matchmaking.

Thank you all for your time! Borderlands servers have always been hit or miss in the past. If someone knows for sure and has a link they could provide that would be awesome.

The Bungie featured Destiny LFG to find the best fireteams for Season of Arrivals, Trials of Osiris, Raids, Nightfall, Gambit, Iron Banner, & more.

Welcome to Battle Royale Forums. Join us today and become part of the growing group of survivors. Battle Royale Forums. Tags: bungie destiny. Jeffrey Harris Member. Joined: May 25, Messages: Likes Received: 0. Rise of Iron is less than two weeks away, and anticipation is building for what will happen in the game’s new DLC. It looks like one new mechanic that Bungie is adding to Destiny is private matchmaking for PvP.

Then we thought, well this would be a good time to develop private matches and put them in there too. It’s a pretty organic process of – ‘we have this idea’ which leads to ‘bring Gjallarhorn in! So fans will still have to organize Raid parties to make that happen.

Destiny matchmaking forum; No Signup solution for Raids

Looking for group and clans for Destiny, Apex Legends and more? We’ll match destiny matchmaking forum Diet people are xcftools the parent of the principal sites to make calmly with pictures. Bungie’s Destiny 2 has been out now for a few days, and players and critics alike are lauding it for a much improved narrative, a more respectful.

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Jump to content. Right here’s a stone cold fact for everyone. The sooner the better or your gonna have allot of people walk away from the game. Ronald Reagan. I can’t even play with friends unless it’s tier I am not renewing my yearly subscription.. I luv the game but I have had it with match making I have played over battle and What grinds me up is when matchmaker gives more tanks to top tier platoons rather than to the team with less.

Just had same tier 10 number of tanks yet 1 platoon vs 2 platoon in tier 10, yet the 2 top platoon had more tier 9s because we had a tier 8 platoon. This sort of thing happens on a regular occurrence.

Destiny: XUR Presenta – Ultime NOVITA’ 2.5.0 e Matchmaking su connessione ( #Destiny )