An attractive French mantel clock with a silk suspension in the ‘Pendule portative’ style with a decorative carrying handle. The glass is removed to wind the clock and unusually it is removed from the right hand side. The dial is vitreous enamel showing the makers name and Roman numerals, it does have slight hairlines to the corners as can be seen in the pictures but you have to be very close to see them. If the new owner would like these permanently removed, it can be arranged for an extra cost. Personally I would leave them as they are really are faint. The clock is of 7 day duration and has a bell strike for the hour and the half hour. The case is ebonised with brass inlays of geometric style. A glass aperture to the top and one to each side. The rear door opens to reveal a fully overhauled mechanism. The clock was made and retailed by J.

Jaeger leCoultre Jubilee Atmos clock

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Hi, i have just brought this Atmos, Please can anyone offer some insight as to was made and the model it is and why is it not stamped Jaeger LeCoultre on the plate. My database shows your clock was made in early

Atmos is the brand name of a mechanical torsion pendulum clock manufactured by Jaeger-LeCoultre in Switzerland which does not need to be wound manually. It gets the energy it needs to run from temperature and atmospheric pressure changes in the environment, and can run for years without human intervention. The clock is driven by a mainspring, which is wound by the expansion and contraction of liquid and gaseous ethyl chloride in an internal hermetically sealed bellows.

The ethyl chloride vaporises into an expansion chamber as the temperature rises, compressing a spiral spring; with a fall in temperature the gas condenses and the spring slackens. In order to run the clock on this small amount of energy, everything inside the Atmos has to work in as friction-free a manner as possible. For timekeeping it uses a torsion pendulum , which consumes less energy than an ordinary pendulum. The torsion pendulum has a period of precisely one minute; thirty seconds to rotate in one direction and thirty seconds to return to the starting position.

This is thirty times slower than the 0. The first clock powered by changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature was invented by Cornelis Drebbel in the early seventeenth century. It is mentioned in two works of Ben Jonson. Clocks powered by atmospheric pressure and temperature changes were subsequently developed by Pierre de Rivaz in , [2] and by James Cox and John Joseph Merlin Cox’s timepiece in the s. The Beverly Clock in Dunedin, New Zealand, is still running despite never having been manually wound since its construction in The mechanism operated on temperature changes alone.

vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos clocks

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. Jaeger-LeCoultre , Atmos classic gilt brass clock, manual-winding movement, calibre , fully jewelled, white enamel dial with black Roman numerals, case and movement signed, height A Jaeger-LeCoultre ‘Atmos’ perpetual clock, with plated brass case with glass panels to all sides and top, spirit level to the base, raised on adjustable feet, the white chapter ring with Arabic numerals.


Inspired by a historical piece dating from and housed in the Jaeger-​LeCoultre Heritage Gallery, this Atmos pays homage to the creators of this clock and its.

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The oldest tangible time-telling piece in existence today is a water clock dating back to about BC. Water clocks were one of the first time-telling devices known to man along with the sundial. The earliest record of this type of clock was recorded.

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Provenance: from a collection of an antiquarian, Amite, Louisiana. Serial Clock runs but has not been tested for accuracy.

The watch that keeps up with the times. What inspiration led the Jaeger‑​LeCoultre watchmakers to dream up the Atmos clock in ? How did they think to use.

Atmos clocks are known as perpetual motion clocks, as they require no winding. They work by using a thin hairspring located at the top of the clock and an aneroid chamber mounted on the back of the movement via which the clock is able to detect changes in temperature which regulates the accuracy of the movement. Apparently even a one degree change in temperature is sufficient to wind the clock for two days’ duration. The brass clock is housed inside a gilt metal framed glass case with front opening door.

The clock has a white chapter ring dial through which you can see the movement; this is surrounded by a gilt brass bezel. The dial has both Arabic numerals and baton hours and features two gilt, dagger style hands with blackened tips.

Jaeger Lecoultre Atmos Clock Réédition 1934 Limited edition of 300 pieces

Styles Period Categories. Graphic art. Decorative art.

The Atmos is one of the most popular creations of Jaeger-LeCoultre. To date, over , Atmos clocks have been manufactured. Among these clocks.

Jaeger-LeCoultre has just introduced a new take on its iconic Atmos Clock. The clock is charged with the slightest drop or rise in temperature, where a single change in degree can power the clock for two whole days. In keeping with the Art Deco style that the Atmos Clock has been known for throughout the decades, this new Atmos Transparente transparent sits in a case made from anti-reflective glass, and also features a full-glass dial, a rhodium finished base, and is powered by a JLC Caliber In other horological news, Panerai celebrates the Year of the Rat with sparsello-decorated Luminor Sealand.

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New Atmos, help dating this Atmos Please

To put that in perspective, pundits believed dirigibles would replace ocean liners as the primary way of traveling between continents when it was designed. This newest version, given an aesthetic update by designer Marc Newson, showcases the movement within a Baccarat crystal housing — the better to give admirers a view of its guts: pieces that, if left alone, would continue operating, and accurately telling the time, for another 4, years.

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A wonderful vintage LeCoultre Atmos Clock dating from the ‘s with the highly desirable square face. This clock would make a great addition to anyone’s.

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Cased Atmos Clock By Jaeger LeCoultre c’s ~. A very stylish Swiss-made Atmos Clock by Jaeger LeCoultre complete with case dating to the late ‘s.

T he “Atmos” brand clock is an ingenius contraption that comes closest yet to being a “perpetual motion” machine. It is a mechanical clock Produced by the Swiss firm of Jaeger-LeCoultre, it is a mechanical clock that runs without needing anyone to wind it up periodically. It runs on the energy produced by natural changes in temperature and barometric pressure in its environment. Left undisturbed it can run accurately for years without the need for winding from the outside. You’ll never lose a winding key with this clock – it doesn’t have one!

It’s powered by the natural expansion and contraction of a mixture of gas and liquid ethyl chloirde contained in a sealed capsule. When the clock’s surrounding temperature rises the gas expands into an expansion chamber which causes a spiral spring to be compressed. When the temperature falls the gas condenses, relieving pressure against the spring.

This constant expansion and contraction of the spring keeps the mainspring wound, eliminating the need for human intervention. A one degree change in temperature between 59 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit 15 to 30 degrees Celcius is enough to power the clock for two days.

Cased Atmos Clock By Jaeger LeCoultre c1950’s

Many people ask me to give a value to their Atmos clock. This is not an easy task. Many companies gave Atmos clocks to people upon retirement or as general thanks for long service and people also of course acquired Atmos clocks through various other means.

The “Atmos” brand clock is an ingenius contraption that comes closest yet to being a To date, Jaeger-LeCoultre has sold more than , Atmos clocks.

There are lots that match your search criteria. Subscribe now to get instant access to the full price guide service. A Jaeger LeCoultre brass cased mantel clock, the rectangular dial in lapis lazuli finish, manual wind movement – ‘8’ ”, 6. An 18ct yellow gold Jaeger-LeCoultre ladies Odysseus No quartz wristwatch, case 25mm wide with box, box and strap worn, some usage marks, not running, total weight approx 24 grams including strap and 18ct buckle.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos VIII clock, the square dial with alternating gilt Arabic numerals and dagger markers, contained in brushed brass case with five glass panels, skeleton movement, with original two door presentation case, outer cardboard box, and booklets including repair guarantee 6th September , model no. At certain angles to the light, the lucite showing age striations.

A gentleman’s 18ct gold ‘Jaeger-LeCoultre’ wristwatch: the circular dial with quarter Arabic numerals and dagger markers, the movement numbered ”, the case back numbered ”, on non-original black strap, together with ‘Jaeger-LeCoultre’ pouch. A lady’s diamond cocktail wristwatch by Jaeger LeCoultre, the signed dial within diamond-set case on diamond bracelet in white gold, manual movement, 1. A gentlemen’s 18ct gold Jaeger-LeCoultre automatic chronometre ‘Geomatic’ strap watch,possibly c.

A circular case, 35mm diameter, with a silvered dial, raised gilt batons, gold, black and luminous hands, date aperture and centre second sweep. After market strap and buckle. No box or papers, watch has not been opened. A tonneau-shaped case and circular dial, 32mm diameter, with a champagne Florentine dial, raised black and gilt batons, date aperture and centre second sweep.

How to date an Atmos clock accurately